23 Jan 2011

UK Phone-Hacking Row: Ex-PM Called In Cops

Gordon Brown did ask police to investigate whether he was a target of phone hacking linked to the News of the World, Sky sources have confirmed.

The scandal has already cost No 10 spin doctor Andy Coulson his job amid claims he presided over the illegal action at the tabloid. The revelation comes after a lawyer told Sky News the phone-hacking row claims involve a string of newspapers - not just the Sunday tabloid.


Solicitor Mark Lewis said he is representing clients preparing to bring civil court cases against several newspaper groups over allegations of phone tapping. His claims suggest the practice of illegal eavesdropping is much more commonplace than first thought.

"I am absolutely positive - and I am not an advocate for the News of the World - that this wasn't a practice for one newspaper or even one newspaper group," Mr Lewis said. "It's fair to say that over the past 10 years or so most entertainment stories will have had some element of subterfuge. What happens is that if a celebrity is subject to a story there is a natural inclination to think that someone has sold their story or betrayed their confidence.

"But in fact it's their mobile phone or a bugging device that are the source of the story - that's how it got out."

Sky News