28 Apr 2010

journalist death toll soared to shocking new levels

The worldwide journalist death toll has soared to shocking new levels on the eve of World Press Freedom Day 2010. Seventeen news media staff have died violently this April -- one every 1.5 days, according to incidents recorded by the International News Safety Institute. Nine have been killed in the past 12 days.


It was the bloodiest April recorded for the news media in the past five years and the worst month in a year that has suffered 42 deaths in 22 countries so far, surpassing the 37 counted over the first four months of last year. And 2009 eventually turned out to be one of the worst years on record with 133 deaths.

At least 27 deaths were confirmed connected with the victims' work as journalists. Fifteen more fatalities appeared to be linked but that was unconfirmed. All but a handful of the victims were murdered.

"As World Press Freedom Day approaches, this is a stark reminder of the terrible price we pay for our news around the globe," said INSI Director Rodney Pinder.

International News Safety Institute

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