5 Apr 2010

Did Boy Scouts Keep "Perversion Files?"

"The Perversion Files," as the Scouts called them, have rarely been seen publicly -- but now, 20,000 pages have been admitted as evidence in the trial.
"It's shocking to read case after case of sex abuse of men preying on boys," Boyle said. "What's also shocking - you realize how much the Scouts knew."

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In a written statement, the Boy Scouts of America says it can't comment on the case in Oregon but says the files are used to track those "not eligible for … membership" and are just one way to "ensure a safe and healthy experience for … Scouts."
However Jack Doe No. 4 says because neither parents nor police were notified the perversion files did nothing to protect him. The abuse haunts him to this day.
"I can't sleep," he said. "Sometimes I go days without sleeping."

CBS Evening News