18 Apr 2008

Teenager with Down's syndrome accused of a Racist assault

Jamie BauldWhen two police officers came to interview Jamie Bauld, a polite, friendly Down’s syndrome boy with a mental age of about 5, he welcomed them with a big smile and a handshake. As the officers read him his rights and charged him with assault and racial abuse, he agreed with everything they said, then thanked them for coming to see him.

Yesterday Jamie’s parents told The Times that they had been through a seven-month ordeal with the Scottish legal system over what they described as a minor fracas between two youngsters with learning difficulties.

They believe that he was a victim of the zero-tolerance policy on racism under which police have to respond to any complaint, however minor.

Experts in Down’s syndrome say that the case shows insensitivity and is an example of bureaucracy gone mad.

Police charged Down's syndrome boy with mental age of five - Times Online - BBC - Daily Mail 

Video of Jamie

The Crown Office in Scotland offered a rare apology yesterday to the family of Jamie Bauld, the Down’s syndrome teenager with a mental age of about 5 who was accused of a racist assault. More on Times Online