9 Apr 2008

Erotic Jesus sparks art debate in Austria

gloria.tv: ›the more catholic the better‹

Until May 10th, the Dommuseum in Vienna, located next to the cathedral and belonging to the archdiocese of Vienna, shows an exhibition with works of Vienna sculptor and painter Alfred Hrdlicka.

The Church hastily removed the main picture, "a homosexual orgy" of the Apostles as Hrdlicka describes it.

But the protest has continued, much to the surprise of the small Cathedral Museum which is nestled down a narrow street in Vienna’s historic Gothic quarter.

The museum’s director defends both Hrdlicka’s work and his decision to host the artist’s controversial versions of biblical imagery in a museum tied to the Catholic Church.

"We think Hrdlicka is entitled to represent people in this carnal, drastic way," Bernhard Boehler said in his small museum office, across the street from Vienna’s imposing St. Stephan’s Cathedral. More on The Two Malcontents