5 Feb 2008

Cloud Seeding

For the first time in several years, Eastern Idaho is experimenting with a cloud seeding program this winter. That's when iodized crystals are shot into clouds to produce snow.
Last year Paul Romrell knew something had to be done to get Eastern Idaho out of a drought.

Paul Romrell, Cloud Seeding Chairman: "I was really frustrated. I thought that we should do everything humanly possible to generate as much water as possible."

That meant Paul and a committee contacted cities and counties in our area asking them to support a weather modification, or cloud seeding, program.
Romrell: "You wait until you've got the right atmosphere and fire up a generator and you introduce into the flames silver iodized crystals which go up into the atmosphere."
Those crystals then turn into snow. Right now there's 23 generators running in Eastern Idaho all of them in rugged areas. Every time a storm's about to move in, those generators are turned on.
Romrell: "We're actually making some difference although we can't claim any credit for the snow that we're seeing in the valley because it's not in our target areas." [KIDK]

VIDEO: Weather Modification: Is Cloud Seeding Causing all this Snow?