22 Apr 2010

Bolivian President blames transgenic food for homosexuality and baldness

Bolivian President Evo Morales surprised the attendants to the inauguration of the climate change summit by declaring that genetically engineered food is the one to blame for homosexuality and baldness, El Tiempo newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The Bolivian President defended his remarks by stating that these were not lies but proved facts. President Morales also provided examples of his ideas. He said that chickens that were fed with female hormones have consequences in men and women alike.


Regarding transgenic food and baldness, President Morales declared that in fifty years all the world population will be bald. “Baldness, which seems normal, is a disease in Europe, almost everyone is bald and it’s related to the food they eat. Among the indigenous people there are no bald men, because we eat different things,” said President Evo Morales as he showed his fifty-year-old hair.

The Bolivian President continued to attack occidental medicines, potatoes, soda and even the plates that are used by saying that in Bolivia plates are made of mud, so they can be destroyed and returned back to mother Earth in contrast to the occidental plastic plates.

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