16 Feb 2012

Shut Down the Internet

The BBC News website is showing an article which recommends we should shut down the Internet . According to Professor Alan Woodward who is from the Department of Computing at the University of Surrey in England, the cyber-security situation has got so bad we should close it down and start again . This time it should be properly regulated and surprise, surprise he says “global governance” is needed.


From the article:

Last year, the level and ferocity of cyber-attacks on the internet reached such a horrendous level that some are now thinking the unthinkable: to let the internet wither on the vine and start up a new more robust one instead.

While not a popular view, I think that the current internet can only survive if adequate global governance is applied and that single, secure technology is mandated. This is obviously fraught with the much rehashed arguments about control of the internet, free speech, and so on.

Just a few observations .

Firstly, if the BBC has allowed this article on its website, then ‘someone’ is considering shutting the Internet down and that ‘someone’ normally is connected to government, big business and the military . I don’t know anyone who thinks the Internet should be closed down .

Secondly, the phrase ‘global’ is now being used for all sorts of repressive measures . From the austerity measures in Greece and the rest of Europe to Global Law, we are being asked to hand over power and control to organisations far, far away .