28 Feb 2012

Occupy London protesters accuse St Paul's of betrayal

St Paul's Cathedral has been accused of "betraying" Occupy London activists after giving the City of London police permission to remove protesters from its steps and end the four-and-a-half month camp.


The cathedral's decision, coupled with a previous high court decision obtained by the City of London, meant police successfully removed the entire Occupy London Stock Exchange camp from the square outside St Paul's.

The canon chancellor of St Paul's, Giles Fraser, resigned in October over attempts by the cathedral to remove protesters by compulsion. Fraser was on the edge of the eviction, but police refused to let him cross a cordon to get closer to the cathedral.

Shortly after 3am police removed around a dozen protesters standing on kitchen shelving as a makeshift fortress as other officers with riot helmets and shields advanced along the cathedral steps removing protesters, some of whom were praying.

The Guardian