22 Aug 2011

Terror Wins: “Police in the streets creates security. Controls. Exercises. Equipment,"”

"Freedom is stronger than fear," King Harald told Norwegians Sunday, hoping to unite a nation shattered by an anti-immigration zealot who killed 77, mostly young, people in two attacks.


Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who has been praised across the country for the way he dealt with the aftermath of the attacks, said Norway must stand firm behind its democratic values to fight extremism.

"We must invite in those who have gone astray. We must oppose those who want to use violence," he said. "We must meet them with all the arms of democracy."

But in a sign that Norway's open society may change, the prime minister said there must be more security.

"Good preparation creates security. Police in the streets creates security. Controls. Exercises. Equipment," he said. "We must do all this."

Yahoo! News