4 Aug 2011

Charlie Veitch has a hard time

Charlie Veitch - 9/11 Change Of Mind

Where do i being to discuss my shock at hearing Charlie Veitch saying that he doesn't believe 9/11 was an inside job. Charlie has defended his change by saying he was asked by the BBC to go to America and film for a program about 9/11 conspiracies and there he met "experts" who explained why it wasn't an inside job.
I am happy for anyone to believe anything within the truth movement i.e Ron Paul has said he doesn't think 9/11 was an inside job
, however the way in which Charlie has changed his mind because of 10 days with the BBC doesn't sit right with me. What seems to sit even worse with me is the way in which he has decided all of his previous beliefs were wrong and has had began to attack the very people who have supported him. In the video below Charlie calls the truth movement a "religion" and describes people within the movement as "paranoid".  World Under Control Blog

More about this on theintelhub.com or federaljack.com or Alex jones says he knew charlie veitch was an "operative" a year ago. Or David Icke…

and now:

Blog Hijacked: The Death of The Love Police

It is even sicker that Charlie is unrepentant! Maybe he hasn’t heard the girls tears like some of us have had to.

Charlie is someone who needs the reactions of the world to be his mirror, because he is too blind to see himself for what he is. So this stays until he mans up, apologises to everyone involved, and faces his demons.


Dear Readers,

This is not Charlie. This is the person that knows him better than anyone else.

I felt I needed to tell you all the truth about Charlie, especially since so many of you donated to fund his lifestyle. Please read carefully, save it, repost it if you like. He will delete this blog as soon as he sees it. He has a strong distaste for the truth.

Charlie preached in the streets about love and truth – but these are two values which he does not hold for himself. and so on…see Love Police Website

Charlie reacted:

You make a few enemies on the way…

I have just had to delete the last post to this website. This was done maliciously in an attempt to hurt me and discredit me. Whereas most of us are able to move on with our lives when relationships turn sour, for some of us, when we are really hurt we lash out in a subconscious effort for others to SEE our pain. and so on…see Love Police Website

charlie v

Nice reaction on this by Just wondering:

Maybe this is what has happened,
Charlie went to US with BBC and he really just changed his mind on 9/11 because there was so much “experts” who lied to him and he swallowed it all. Then same group who orchestrated this continued attacks to Charlie in YouTube and Facebook(there really was just couple people who spammed lots of comments and YouTube channel wall) and now this blog comes to Charlies blog.

Why writer wants to make big point that he is ANONYMOUS? Anyone who has readed news can see that some Anonymous hackers are very suspicious. And they have been saying in media that Anonymous are terrorist etc..

Keep in mind when thinking about this,
- In Britain they just started to treat anarchist as terrorist
- Charlie has described himself as anarchist and conspiracy theorist
- What Charlie has done in streets has been the biggest kick in the elites nuts, they gotta be scared what Charlie has done, I think he has waked up more people than many conspiracy theorist would even dream about
- Who benefits most from Charlies u-turn on 9/11 and now this The Love Polices bad publicity(digging up Charlies past)??

Im just wondering because this has been so wierd situation..
I wouldnt be suprised if they staged Charlies beating or something and then blamed anarchist and conspiracy theorist about it, saying “omg they are crazy cult nutters”.

Everyone just please stay calm and think before you act.

I dont know whats the truth in this case or Charlies u-turn but I know that they allready have thousands of examples how the “Truth movement” is crazy etc..


Ps. Charlie if you want believe facts in 9/11 heres one fact for you: FBI didnt ever have proof about OBL involment to attacks. In Adam vs The Man you just said that “I want to reclaim islamist for 9/11″, what happened to “truth is the most important”?

Love Police Website - Charlie Veitch‬‏ on YouTube