11 Dec 2010

Operation Leakspin

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”


This is Operation Leakspin.

We believe that all the information provided by the leaked cables should be out in the open for the public to read, discuss, and most of all, understand.

We will use as much manpower as possible to make the information found in the cables available to the public. We will speed up the process of uncovering, we will release facts that the media didn’t speak about, and we will summarize the diplomatic leaks into chunks that everybody can understand.

The war against censorship should be fought, not only by attacking businesses facilitating it but by actively releasing all the information that can be released, to all the people it can be released to.

We are against censorship, and this is how we prove it. This is what Operation Leakspin is about.

About Operation Leakspin