21 Dec 2010

Hungary tightens government control over media

Journalists in Hungary have criticised a new law which they say tightens government control over the country’s media. The legislation creates the new National Media and Communications Authority which will be in charge of monitoring all news production.


Opponents say it will be dominated by officials loyal to the ruling Fidesz party. Media Law Expert Marton Nehez-Posony says the new law will not require a complaint to start a procedure. He says that means “the press will need to be extremely cautious about what it prints, what it publishes.”

The new body will have the power to fine media companies up to 90 thousand euros, enough to shut down a small organisation.


Oh eh…

Belgium to shift EU rotating presidency to Hungary 

Belgium is set to shift a six- month rotating presidency of the European Council to Hungary at the end of the year, with the latter vowing to promote a "strong Europe with a human touch." xinhuanet.com