19 Aug 2010

Castro Invites Secrets of the Bilderberg Club Author Daniel Estulin to Cuba

Last night on Coast to Coast famous Bilderburg group conspiracy theorist Daniel Estulin said Castro had invited Estulin to Cuba. Estulin said he “didn’t know how to take this. After speaking at the European Union Parliament I think there’s a general awakening”. Estulin said he was going to Cuba but wasn’t going to ‘pander’ to Castro’s ‘interests’, instead, Esutulin wants to “spread the word about who does what to whom”.


Regarding the Bilderburg group, Estulin said:

“Members come and go but not the system itself. The system is evil, one world company limited. It is not about right or left divide. It’s people who share the same financial ideals. It’s not about left or right, it’s what Bilderburg wants you to believe. Estulin said “The idea of a private meeting (with Castro) is an interesting idea. I told them I’d definitely come. I’m getting a lot of invitations now that Castro has put his official seal on my book. Why are people suddenly talking about Bilderberg. The world economy is being destroyed on purpose”.

According to the AP, the 84-yr-old Fidel Castro published an article on August 16, “used” three of eight pages from a communist newspaper which quoted “verbatim” Estulin’s The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club which was published in 2006. Castro cited Estulin as “honest” and “well-informed”, Estulin’s book, a “fantastic story”.