20 Dec 2009

FARC allegedly runs abortion camp

The FARC run a camp in the north of Colombia where female recruits are forced to undergo abortion, a deserted guerrilla said Saturday.

The "abortion camp" is located on a mountain in the Magdalena medio region and has been used for more than a 100 abortions, Sara Morales, currently taking part in a government reintegration program, told Caracol Radio.


According to the former guerrilla, all minors, except those who are pregnant of guerrilla commanders, are forced to abort pregnancies. The aborted phoetuses are thrown in a hole in the ground, the 21-year old Morales said.

According to the deserted guerrilla, she was forced to join the guerrillas when she was eleven years old and became pregnant for the the first time two years later after having been raped. Colombia reports