19 Dec 2009

Climate accord sparks anger

A non-binding accord that developing nations say will condemn them to future catastrophe is being debated at the climate summit in Copenhagen.

The United States, China, India, Brazil and South Africa forged the agreement on Friday following a day of frenzied talks at the 193-nation global warming summit in the Danish capital.


Barack Obama, the US president, hailed the agreement between the five nations as a success and said it would provide the framework for future talks. "Today we have made a meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough here in Copenhagen," he said. "This progress did not come easily and we know this progress alone is not enough ... We've come a long way but we have much further to go."

Sideline negotiations revealed deep divisions between rich and poor, entrenched in a textual battlefield over how to curb carbon emissions and raise funds to fight climate change.

Al Jazeera

Amid all the mainstream media reports of the talks in Copenhagen “limping” to a close and having failed, Lord Christopher Monckton, reporting from the summit, has stated that the only goal of the conference was to implement the framework and the funding for a world government – which he asserts has been achieved.