9 Nov 2009

Nine people executed after China riots

Nine people have been executed in connection with ethnic riots last July that killed about 200 people in western China's Xinjiang region, the state-run China News Service reported Monday.

The executions occurred "recently," said the service, which added no more information about the executions.


Long-simmering resentment between Uyghurs and Han Chinese flared after a June melee at a toy factory in Guangdong province, leading to the July 5 riots, according to Xinhua.

A massive brawl broke out between the ethnic groups at the factory, resulting in the deaths of two Uyghurs, Xinhua said.

In a rare public display of dissatisfaction, thousands of Uyghurs -- many of whom feel they are treated as second-class citizens by the majority Han Chinese -- took to the streets in Xinjiang province, chanting and screaming.

The Uyghurs are mostly Muslims in Xinjiang province. Some Islamists refer to the region as East Turkistan.