8 May 2008

Police Violence in Philadelphia

A gang of 15 men in blue uniforms are kicking 3 persons.

In January there already were protests:

Philadelphia: Protest against Police Violence


District 19 Protest, Philadelphia, Jan 20th, 200720. Jan 2007 - Dozens of angry Philadelphians chanted and gave speeches outside the 19th District Police Station. They carried signs mourning the fatal police-shooting victims from last year (2006), 20 in total, and urged for radical action: "These cops in here are murderers, they're killers." More on No-Racism.net

They do it regularly...

Like this in 2000: Aerial news footage taken Wednesday of Philadelphia police officers kicking and beating a black car-jacking suspect as he lay on the ground. The confrontation had begun 20 minutes earlier, when police spotted the suspect, 30-year-old Thomas Jones, driving the stolen car. Jones crashed the car and fled on foot, with several officer pursuing him. Police caught up with him, and in the melee that followed, both Jones and an officer were shot, and another officer bitten. Jones then commandeered a police cruiser and led two dozen officers on a chase. When police caught up with Jones, a local news helicopter was hovering overhead. A slow-motion analysis of the videotape of his capture, as reported today by the Philadelphia Inquirer, showed that 10 different officers, both white and black, inflicted 59 blows on Jones over the space of 28 seconds. More on PBS