8 Mar 2008

China to crack down on pop stars

China is to impose stricter rules on foreign rock and pop stars after singer Björk caused controversy by shouting "Tibet, Tibet" at a Shanghai concert.

Her cry followed a powerful performance of her song Declare Independence.

Talk of Tibetan independence is considered taboo in China, which has ruled the territory since 1951.

China's culture ministry said the outburst "broke Chinese law and hurt Chinese people's feelings" and pledged to "further tighten controls".

"We will further tighten controls on foreign artists performing in China in order to prevent similar cases from happening in the future," the ministry said in a statement on its website.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | China to crack down on pop stars

Björk on her website: i have been asked by many for a statement after dedicating my song  "declare independence"  to both kosovo and tibet ( amongst others ) on different  occasions. 
i would like to put importance on that i am not a politician, i am first and last a musician and as such i feel my duty to try to express the whole range of human emotions. the urge for declaring independence is just one of them but an important one that we all feel at some times in our lives. this song was written more with the personal in mind but the fact that it has translated to its  broadest meaning, the struggle of a suppressed nation, gives me much pleasure . 

i would like to wish all individuals and nations good luck in their battle for independence. 
justice !
warmth , björk.
(Björk website)