12 Jul 2015

Full Metal Playmobil: The police state comes to kids’ toys

According to Playmobil’s marketing manager: “The whole premise behind Playmobil toys is to familiarize the child with the realities of life through play.” They’ve shown us that it’s a brutal reality, where our rights are shorn away by state employees wearing smiling plastic faces. The following three toys show us just how militarized our society has become. The customer reviews of these toys are priceless.


Playmobil’s Militarized Police Toy

Playmobil’s Tactical Unit Team allows kids to play an updated version of cowboys versus indians, modernized into police officers versus civilians. How could you not love drug-sniffing dogs, swat teams, and black helicopters when you get to hold them in your little hands? Playmobil lets you decide whether black lives matter, and which poor people go to prison for selling $20 worth of weed. Playmobil has had a reputation for realism, especially when it comes to weapons and vehicles. Like it or not, modern police forces have become military forces, and civilians have become enemy combatants. Playmobil toys merely reflect that reality.

Resistance comes in the form of internet comments. The reviews at Amazon are notably libertarian:

“Finally we have the right kind of toy to teach children how to be completely subservient to authority…”

“Perfect for cops to pretend they’re soldiers!”

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