22 Nov 2014

Modern Israel Is Looking Like Nazi Germany

The genocidal public discourse against Palestinians and non-Jews in Israel is reaching fever pitch,  and if we’ve learned anything from the horrors of the 20th century it is that fascism doesn’t stop, it must be stopped.  We need to call time on Israeli fascism.

Independent Israeli journalist David Sheen brought this image to attention, with this tweet:

israeli tweet

You may find this image shocking, eerily reminiscent of the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany, African Americans through the era of the Jim Crow segregation laws, or the UK hotel signs of the 1950’s reading ‘No Blacks, no dogs, no Irish’.  I do not make these comparisons for kicks, hype or wanton disregard for these past horrors.  It is because of those disgraceful periods in our history that we must not stand by while it happens again.

At Addicting Info some samples of the sort of sentiments now acceptable to air in public in Israel today.

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