9 Oct 2014

Fox Host Spews An Obama/Ebola Conspiracy Theory That Would Make Sarah Palin Proud

In a rant that would make Sarah Palin blush with pride, Fox host Gretchen Carlson strung together all the conservative manufactured conspiracies and scandals they’ve tried to pin to President Obama and connected them all to the Ebola virus.

Despite the fact that health and science experts have repeatedly shot down Fox fear mongering about Ebola in America over the last few days, Carlson went on her own show to push her own theory because she apparently felt that she needed to out-crazy everyone else.

During her “My Take” segment, Carlson said that the government can’t be trusted to tell the truth about Ebola because of the IRS, Obamacare, the Secret Service screw-ups, the Veterans Affairs situation, and of course, Benghazi.

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