30 May 2014

Bilderberg 2014: Global leaders converge for annual 'secret' summit

The elite Bilderberg group gathers every year the most powerful business, political and military leaders from across the world to discuss global ‘megatrends’. While who attends these summits is not secret, the topics, nature and results of debate are kept private from the media and public.

  kissinger and beatrix devide the planet

The Bilderberg group is celebrating its 60th birthday at its annual summit this week in Denmark, where, according to the official participant list,  both the Shadow Chancellor and George Osborne are due to attend. Attending industry and military leaders include the Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, the current Supreme Allied Commander of NATO forces in Europe, General  Philip Breedlove and the former NSA chief, Keith Alexander. One can only guess Edward Snowden’s invite was lost in the post.

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