27 May 2011

UK government orders protest footage censored

The internet video sharing website YouTube has censored the footage of protests outside Birkenhead county court based on a request by the British government.

Some 600 activists from the British Constitution Group staged protests against a ruling on former member of UKIP Roger Hayes who has refused to pay council tax outside Birkenhead county court. Hayes had challenged the local council to protest the government's moves which he sees as sacrificing Britain to globalist interests.

poll tax 1990
Censorship of the YouTube footage related to the incident shows the government's fears of wide circulation of such information that could lead to national unrest similar to the 1990 troubles.

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But there is more:

The BBC's new censors: The BBC has released a statement proclaiming that late night music shows were not the place for political controversy - young people might be listening. It came after the deliberate censorship of rapper "Mic Righteous" who had dared to utter the words "Free Palestine" in his set. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign called the edit an "extraordinary act of censorship", asking why the BBC did not ban the song "Free Nelson Mandela", back in 1984. On the artist's Facebook page, there is talk of how just the phrase "Gaza Strip" was censored by the BBC. (Press TV)