20 Feb 2011

Space Station Moon

Strange lights and objects have been recorded on our moon for hundreds of years.  In 1787, legendary astronomer, Sir William Herschel, recorded strange lights traveling across the dark lunar surface.  On one particular occasion of that same year, he spotted 3 red lights in the darkness of the lunar surface, describing the brightest one as being brighter than a recently discovered comet. He also believed there to be large "lunar cities" within the moon's craters and strongly believed in extraterrestrial life - something almost  laughable during the 18th century.




The classical Greek philosopher, mathematician and scientist Plato also reported anomalous lights on the moon sometime around 400 BC.  There is even a crater named after him which experiences high volumes of 'transient lunar phenomenon' - a term that NASA uses to describe these spooky lunar lights.  Between the years of 1540 and 1967, over 570+ lights and flashes were recorded over the moon's face.  While NASA and other lunar scientists attribute these moving and flashing lights to outgassing and impacts - few reports concerning these phenomena are ever published in peer reviewed scientific journals and are rarely ever discussed among the scientific community.

So could great historical minds like Sir William Herschel have been correct?  Could it really be possible for a race of extraterrestrials to have been living on our moon for hundreds or thousands of years without public knowledge on Earth? 

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