22 Oct 2010

A Banana Republic

Today in Westminster Village, the media circus / PR exercise is over the new Coalition of the Loser's spending "cuts".
To that end, a number of bananas were strategically placed around Westminster to await tha arrival of the Conservatives court jester, the grandly titled, "Chancellor", Mr Osbourne.

An interesting chapter called The War, Oil and the Economy (pages 238 -243) in a book by Joseph Stiglitz called 'The Three Trillion Dollar War' goes a long way to concisely explaining what most of us have probably guessed is going on.
Basically by waging war, with its accompanying effects, big business has cleaned up big time, financially, both at home and abroad.
In the UK people may 'pay' for war and it's consequences through their pockets, but overseas, millions of innocent civilians have 'paid' for 'war', with their lives.