7 Jul 2010

Belgian Cardinal Linked to Convicted Sex Killer

The Catholic Church child abuse scandal in Belgium just got a whole lot worse. Belgian newspaper Het Laaste Niews is reporting that when authorities searched the home of the former archbishop of Brussels, Cardinal Godfried Danneels, they discovered a hidden cache of documents and photographs on notorious child sex killer Marc Dutroux — documents that Danneels was not supposed to have. Here’s a Google translation of one of their reports:

“The Brussels court at the searches in the archbishop’s palace in Mechelen found documents which are wondering how it ended up. That requires the latest news.


These include photographs of the excavations and the children’s corpses of Julie and Melissa, and documents about pedophilia that was only intended for the court. Cardinal Danneels may be explained by the detectives.

Not intended for Church
The confidential, court documents in the last days found among the many documents that were seized June 24 in Mechelen archiepiscopal palace. These reports between magistrates, which was only intended to justice, especially for the Church. It’s a mystery what the researchers that documents in the basement of the archbishop did.

The same goes for hundreds of photos from the Dutroux investigation and large parts of the court record of the victims Julie and Melissa. The investigators were in the archbishop’s palace, dozens of photographs from the excavations of their cells, to allow autopsies”, according to Het Laatste Nieuws.

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