19 Mar 2010

Beauty pageant girls of five who parade in glitzy gowns

The beauty pageants - which include categories for BABIES - make for fascinating if uncomfortable viewing.

At the Miss Georgia Spirit contest around 50 girls aged from just a few months compete for the title. Chubby-cheeked babies swamped by enormous frilly dresses are carted on to the stage by their attention-seeking mothers and shown off to the judges as if they were dogs at Crufts.


As the cringeworthy spectacle unfolds the compere provides commentary on the likes and dislikes of a child too young to walk or talk.

One of the contestants apparently "enjoys bubble baths, meeting new people and sucking her thumb". Confident girls such as Story, who has been competing since she was three, seem to enjoy all the fuss. In the build-up to competition day she has a French manicure and a spray tan.

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