28 Feb 2009

The Skull and Bones of Geronimo

Harlyn Geronimo and family filed suit against the Yale secret society, Skull & Bones, for the return of what are purported to be the skull, one or more bones, and funerary items of their ancestor, the legendary Apache medicine man, Geronimo.

The suit was filed on the hundredth anniversary of Geronimo’s death -- he died in 1909 at Fort Sill, OK, as a prisoner of war.  In fact, a number of Apache prisoners are buried at Fort Sill.  The lawsuit also names officials of the U.S. government with a demand for the return of remains so they may be reburied with appropriate rites in Apache home land. 

Why is this coming up now?  Well, the secrecy of the tiny but very elite Skull & Bones Society is well known – and there was more rumour than proof that Geronimo’s bones were taken to the society’s “Tomb” headquarters – until recently a 1918 letter turned up that discussed the theft of  human remains by some “Bonesmen” who were stationed at Fort Sill during WWI.  In the letter, is clear that the thieves believed the skull and bones belonged to Geronimo.  Whether or not they actually are is a matter for investigation.  Or did the letter tell a fantasy?  Regardless, if "Bonesmen" took bones from Fort Sill to New Haven, whether the bones are from Geronimo's body or not they are likely Apache remains and the Geronimo family wants a proper burial for them.

One of the alleged thieves was Prescott Bush, paternal grandfather of former President George W. Bush.

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