8 Jun 2014

Bilderberg Nazi Chairman Prince Bernhard, Master Of Spies

Was ex-SS Bilderberg chairman Prince Bernhard a Nazi spy in Whitehall? Interview with Dutch journalist Philip Droge author of 'Master of Spies'. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands' Nazi SS past and marriage to Princess Juliana of the Netherlands -- comes to London when Holland is invaded by the Nazis in 1940 and shadowed by Ian Fleming of MI6 'M' section, Desmond Morton, Mountbatten, OpJB and James Bond fame.
Prince Bernhard sends double agent Christiaan Lindemans, known as agent 'King Kong', into Holland in early September 1944 just before crucial Operation Market Garden but instead of going to prepare the Dutch resistance he reports straight to the German Abwehr (military intelligence). After the war Lindemans was arrested and interrogated by the British military intelligence and set to stand trial. But taken by the Dutch government to Germany where he died in mysterious circumstances days before the trial was due to commence. Bernhard reappears in 1954 in the Oosterbeek 'witches cauldron', where thousands of British paratroopers were massacred, as Chairman of the Bilderberg meetings for two decades. Then the Lockheed scandal of 1975 where he is disgraced, almost causing the death of the Dutch monarchy.