17 Aug 2012

The New York all-seeing surveillance system

New York Mayor Bloomberg is eager to see the project succeed and be implemented across the country, especially since New York City will be getting a kickback on revenue from future sales: “I hope Microsoft sells a lot of copies of this system…because 30 percent of the profits will go to us…I think we can recoup all of our expenses, and maybe even make a few bucks.”
The new technology is reminiscent of the Minority Report-style ‘Intellistreets’ talking surveillance camera system being implemented in cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Pittsburgh; a system that records your conversations and barks orders at you.
Rest assured the rush to deploy the technology is more profit-driven than “for the good of the people,” as defended.
Under the guise of public safety, the creation of this technology represents the frantic determination of the upper-crust megalomaniacs to micro-manage and control every aspect of our lives…the public is the enemy.
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