1 May 2008

Parents of Soldiers Killed in Action Seek $40B From Anti-War Shirt Seller

A Tennessee couple who lost their son in Iraq want an Arizona merchant to pay more than $40 billion in damages to survivors of soldiers whose names are on the anti-war shirts he is selling online.

A complaint seeking class-action status for the lawsuit by Robin and Michael Read says Dan Frazier of Flagstaff has no right to profit from commercial sale of products that use the dead soldiers' names without permission.

The change, requested Tuesday in federal court in Tennessee, would cover the heirs of all U.S. service members killed in the Middle East since Sept. 11, 2001, and seek $4 billion in compensatory damages and $36.5 billion of punitive damages.

Frazier's "Bush lied — They died" T-shirts, sold at his site CarryaBigSticker.com, list Iraq war casualties' names, and Frazier contends he is covered by First Amendment free-speech protections. FOXNews.com - US News

Five states have passed legislation aimed at outlawing the sale of these shirts (Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arizona). Similar legislation has been proposed in Michigan and Maryland. Federal legislation is also pending. The shirts are also the target of a $10 million lawsuit.  We  continue to sell these shirts in all 50 states and will do so until the troops come home or they throw us in jail, whichever comes first.