17 Sep 2016

Free Ivanka!

"Looking at the crowd of cretins encircling the Donald Trump campaign, the bigoted Republican presidential candidate, it’s hard to spot one who seems redeemable. But just outside the ring of riffraff, gleaming in a pinky-white haze like Glinda the Good Witch, is his daughter Ivanka, the lovely, polite, family-friendly, successful purveyor of tastefully designed, affordable attire for hard-working women.

It was Ivanka, by all accounts, who pushed her father to include a proposal for paid maternity leave and a tax deduction for child-care expenses in his campaign promises. Never mind that the plan is kind of crappy; Ivanka really seems to mean well. If only she weren’t supporting the presidential candidacy of a demonstrable misogynist and bigot, she’d be more believable.

Given the abusive nature of her father, you’d think Ivanka would have rebelled by now. Surely, it can’t be pleasant to be around the Donald as he hurls sexist invective at other successful women, such as Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and celebrity Rosie O'Donnell. Ivanka surely has the wherewithal to succeed without Daddy; he doesn’t own her brain, right?     ...   Or does he?"