10 Oct 2015

‘End of the world’ Christian group leader 'surprised' to still be alive

After telling the whole world the planet would be destroyed in an apocalyptic blaze on October 7, the Christian group behind the warning have admitted they got it a little wrong. Chris McCann, leader and founder of the eBible fellowship, was so convinced about the end of the world that he decided to create a five-part podcast series about it. But as the clock ticked past midnight in the UK, and other nations all across the planet, we could breath a collective sigh of relief that the doomsayers were wrong.

The Day After Tomorrow

Mr McCann, while probably quite pleased we wasn’t engulfed by a gigantic Doomsday fireball, also realised he might have a little explaining to do on October 8. After weighing up his available options, he decided to go with a tweet linking to his blog post: "A response to being incorrect with the prediction that, in all likelihood, the world would end on October 7." "For some time now E Bible Fellowship have been looking towards October 7 as the likely end of the world," explained the pessimist, who is based in Philadelphia.


"We believed there was a strong likelihood that God would complete His judgment and bring about the world’s destruction on that day. "Since it is now October 8 it is now obvious that we were incorrect regarding the world’s ending on the 7th." He insists the fellowship "consistently stressed throughout the entire time period that the world ending on that date was a strong likelihood".

From the Telegraph