16 Sep 2015

Sensitive Site: Clashes at Holy site enter third day in Israel

The al-Aqsa mosque complex in the heart of Jerusalem, has witnessed a third day of clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians. Police tried to clear the protesters, some of whom barricaded themselves inside the holy site.


From the site: The Temple Mount Faithful | Working to Rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount

Do not fear any human power, trust only the G‑d of our forefathers. Remove the foreign Arab Islamic occupation of the Holy Temple Mount of the G‑d of Israel, purify the Holy Hill of G‑d Almighty like our forefathers did in times past and rebuild the end-time Holy Third Temple of G‑d. Stop immediately the pagan abomination and the shameful situation on the Holy Hill of G‑d. Remove immediately the flags of ISIS, Hamas, and other foreign flags from the location of the Holy Temple of G‑d. Stop immediately the incitement against the G‑d and people of Israel perpetrated by the Arab Islamic Mufti and other Islamic speakers from the most Holy Hill of G‑d in Jerusalem, the location of the Shekina of G‑d, which is now in captivity by the agents of the Satan of ISIS and other cruel terrorists.

Never ever in the history of Israel have the people of G‑d allowed such a terrible and satanic anti-godly event to happen on the holiest place of G‑d in the entire universe and it should immediately be stopped. It breaks the heart of the people of Israel and many righteous friends of Israel throughout the world. More of this here..