17 Jul 2014

Four Palestinian boys from same family killed on Gaza beach by Israeli shell

palestinian boys 02

It could be any picture-postcard image of a family playing happily on the beach. But moments after this photograph was taken, these four boys were dead - wiped out by an Israeli shell as they ran for their lives. The children were killed in Gaza yesterday as more than 100,000 Palestinians were urged to evacuate their homes ahead of a possible ground offensive and new air attacks. A second picture also emerged on Twitter that is believed to show a different view of the boys as they scrambled across the sand.

palestinian boys 01

Haunting: This picture has emerged showing four Palestinian boys from the same family running on a beach in Gaza moments before they were killed by an Israeli shell

Mail Online

Also all mothers of all Palestinians must be killed:

Ayelet Shaked

A well-known Israeli politician and parliament member has branded  Palestinians as terrorists, saying mothers of all Palestinians should also be killed during the ongoing Israeli assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, Daily Sabah reported. Ayelet Shaked of the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party called for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to "little snakes."

"They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists," Shaked said, adding, "They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.”

The remarks are considered as a call for genocide as she declared that all Palestinians are Israel's enemies and must be killed