24 Oct 2013

Guantanamo Handbook

Warning: This is disturbing content. So watch at your own risk. As you watch this keep in mind that most of the people who were sent to Guantanamo have not been charged with anything because there is no evidence against them. It's now acknowledged that many of them are guilty of nothing. But they're still not being released. Obama ran on the promise of shutting Guantanamo down. It's still operating and the inmates are still being tortured. To be absolutely clear, the US government reserves the right to do this to any person anywhere on earth without evidence, without charges, without a trial - including US citizens - and the Supreme Court, the Congress and the President who promised to stop this have done nothing to stop it. And where are the people who ordered this torture and carried it out? They're walking around free and many of them will be joining law enforcement in the United States when they leave the military.