6 Jun 2013

The People's Voice

The corporate media will never give The People a voice – so we have to give one to ourselves. This is our chance and it’s time to grasp it before the global collapse into economic tyranny and Big Brother oppression slams the door on what remains of human freedom. We need £100,000 as the very minimum necessary to go to air within months and everything above that will ensure that The People’s Voice will be bigger, better and more effective on day one and the dream can be made a reality on the scale that I envisage.

The People’s Voice would broadcast out of London, but this is a global station. We are all in this together and we must come together, talk together and cooperate together to bring about a global awakening. We would have programmes every day by presenters in the UK and the United States with other regular programmes featuring presenters and content in Australia/New Zealand, Africa and everywhere else that we can secure quality programming.

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