13 Mar 2013

11 Most Absurd Lies Conservatives Are Using to Brainwash America's School Kids

If recent elections have taught us anything, it’s that young Americans have taken a decided turn to the left. Young voters delivered Obama the election: the under-44 set voted Obama and the over-45 set broke for Romney. The youngest voters, age 18-29, gave Obama a whopping 60% of their vote.

conservative teen

Now Republicans have a plan to try to recapture the youngest voters out there: Take over the curriculum in public schools, replace education with a bunch of conservative propaganda, and reap the benefits of having a new generation that can’t tell reality from right-wing fantasy.

Here’s a list of 11 lies American kids may be in danger of learning in school.

Lie #1: Racism has barely been an issue in U.S. history and slavery wasn’t that big a deal.
Lie #2: Joe McCarthy was right.
Lie #3: Climate change is a massive hoaxscientistshave perpetuated on the public.

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