7 Jan 2013

New Form Of ‘Whites Only’ Signs

To people from my generation the thought of a “whites only” sign is absurd. We were not alive when this was commonplace and, although we acknowledge racism exists and is alive and well, we rarely see it so prominently displayed.  That’s what I thought until I saw this sign posted outside the playground at Lulu Ross Elementary School in Milford, Delaware, USA.

no spanish speaking allowed

As you can see the sign looks much like any other playground sign. There is a message in English stating that you must have parental or guardian supervision to play, and that playing is at your own risk. It is when you read what the Spanish portion of the sign that you realize this sign isn’t friendly at all and the people who put it up clearly didn’t want Spanish-speaking children playing on their playground.  According to Google Translate, the Spanish portion of the sign says: “You must have a permit to play in that field,” with the small writing underneath stating, “Violators will be subject to police action.”