19 Jun 2012

Sound of da police

KRS-One (1993)

Politie Rotterdam-Rijnmond (Netherlands)

Also see this: Kelly Thomas beaten to death by Fullerton Police USA - Official footage (July 2011)

This is footage from Fullerton California of Fullerton police officers beating and tasering Kelly Thomas to death. Kelly Thomas was a homeless man who suffered from schizophrenia who was beaten by six police officers on suspicion of possessing stolen property. Kelly Thomas was hospitalized at UCI Medical Center where he slipped into a coma and died less than a week after the incident took place. Despite the fact that this event took place last July. Let this be a clear representation that not every police officer is out to serve and protect. A world without police would be a world of complete chaos, but we damn sure do not need people like this holding the power of a police officer.