17 Aug 2008

India is split as Gandhi daughter shuns the sari

She is a member of that most famous of Indian families, the Gandhis, but Priyanka Gandhi Vadra stands accused of the most un-Indian of fashion crimes - ditching the sari in favour of western clothes.

The elegant daughter of ruling Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi has caused a stir in Delhi by turning up for a crucial parliamentary session in a tight-fitting white blouse and smart black trousers, topped with a wide belt.

Female parliamentarians traditionally favour cotton or silk saris or the shalwar kameez trouser suit. So when Vadra arrived at the Lok Sabha, India's parliament, with her businessman husband Robert, to listen to her brother, Rahul Gandhi, speak in a crucial confidence debate on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Congress Party-dominated coalition government, her appearance turned heads.  The Observer

Designers cheer Priyanka Vadra's chic attire in parliament

Even two days after her dramatic appearance in Parliament House wearing a white shirt and stylish  trousers with a broad belt, fashionistas and others can't stop talking about Priyanka Vadra's chic attire and how she proved to be a head-turner.  www.funonthenet.in