9 Aug 2014

Dance Until We Die

Do you think that your government is NOT scaring you senseless and stealing your cash while screwing the population of your country in their collective arses? Do you believe the scary stories that Rupert Murdoch's commercial media is telling you? Do you believe that faceless, nameless terrorists want to blow up your family? Do you really believe that the CocaCola or the MacDonalds company gives a flying fuck about you or your obese children? Do you really believe that Royal families are chosen by God and deserve to take all our land and money? Do you believe that there is actually a world bank or multinational company out there which is NOT totally fecking Evil?
if you answered yes, then... please don't listen to this song, because it will be a waste of your time! (and ours)
if you answered all of the above questions with a resounding "NO!" then enjoy the vid and OMNIA's 100% acoustic Pagan Hip-Hop Rap song! ;-)