16 Jun 2013

Turkish police use chemicals

Police have fired water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets to clear Taksim and Gezi Park of protesters and prevent them from returning. Sporadic clashes have then been taking place around the area. (RT)

turkish chemicals3

@liamoconghaile Shocking! Police adding chemicals into water cannon in #Istanbul #occupygezi http://t.co/xPzhQ1lx1a. Also see GRUP YORUM SEVENLER FORUMU

Turkish police started to use an unknown chemical against the protestors. This chemical is added to the riot vehicles' water tanks. Chemical burns the skin. There are many severely injured people in the hospitals. CNN iReport

Details on Wikileaks-forum

turkish chemicals

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Photos on OccupygeziDaily Koslivestream 

Police target every protest refuge, even inside the Hilton Hotel!

Police entered the Hilton hotel in Istanbul to tackle the protesters who have used the facility as a safe-haven, Saturday. Reportedly, the Hilton allowed protesters to seek refuge in its plush lobby and bar, but as tensions continue to rise in the city as the government seeks to regain full control, police entered to clear the hotel.