15 Apr 2013

Spaniards stage anti-monarchy protest in Madrid

Thousands of Spaniards have staged a large protest rally in Madrid, calling for the abdication of the country’s scandal-stricken monarchy.

Republic of Spain

Spanish protesters on Sunday took to the streets in the capital, Madrid, chanting slogans such as “Tomorrow, Spain Will Be Republican,” and waving thousands of red, gold and purple Republican flags. The demonstration was organized to commemorate the country’s Second Republic, which was established on April 14, 1931, and was followed by 40 years of dictatorship under General Francisco Franco after a 1936-39 civil war.

“Considering the current situation in Spain, what we need is a republic, and to put an end to the plundering by the Bourbons,” said a young protester, Anabel Galiano, referring to Spain’s royal house. Veronica Ruiz, another protester, also said, “Nobody elected the king,” adding, “We want a referendum. It would be the fair and democratic way to find out what the people want.”

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