3 Apr 2009

PETA Kills Animals

Animal lovers worldwide now have access to more than a decade’s worth of proof that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) kills thousands of defenseless pets at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. Since 1998, PETA has opted to “put down” 21,339 adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens instead of finding homes for them.

PETA’s “Animal Record” report for 2008, filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, shows that the animal rights group killed 95 percent of the dogs and cats in its care last year.  During all of 2008, PETA found adoptive homes for just seven pets.

Just seven animals -- out of the 2,216 it took in. PETA just broke its own record.

See PetaKillsAnimals.com for the facts and proof.

What most may not know or fail to notice is that they promote and continue to objectify females (and sometimes males) to get their "point" across. They want attention, and they know sex sells ("trivialization to equate selling on the basis of sex to the wholesale objectification of women"), but the stunts they pull are way over the top. More on shylilsweety.blogspot.com